Donna Ambrose Pictures

There is nothing quite like a long hot steamy shower after a hard day. Feeling the hot water running down Donna Ambrose body, cascading over Donna Ambrose breasts and running down in between my legs making body glisten. And then the soap. Rubbing it over her tits, so smooth and silky, lathering them up, squeezing them with all the bubbles, taking the soap further down and rubbing it on Donna Ambrose pussy, everything slippery, soapy and very wet. Taking the powerful shower head to rinse myself, splashing it over breasts, over my stomach, and oh yes, onto Donna Ambrose pussy, the force of the water makes her quiver. And then a soft warm towel to dry herself with. Yes there is nothing quite like having a hot shower! Except having some one to dry your back!